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Камень - Стекло, керамика и камнеобработка

Камень - Стекло, керамика и камнеобработка

Machine spectrum

Our products and services for brick processing are suitably varied. They range from:

  • Automation in the production of stone tiles with so-called bridge saws, to
  • 5-axis machining centers that can manufacture 3-dimensional copies of sculptured templates fully automatically to millimeter accuracy.

System solutions

The bandwidth of automation components used for this application is equally large:

  • Use of a SIMATIC S7 unit with text display
  • Modular distributed solutions with a large number of controlled axes in an edge polishing machine
  • Numerical control of a 5-axis machining center.

It is important to choose the right partner to integrate your expertise, e.g. to meet the special requirements of stone tile cutting control systems.

The wide range of SIMATIC S7 components, the large spectrum of drive solutions with SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES MC and the capabilities of the digital SINUMERIK 810D/840D allow you to meet the above requirements.

Область применения

Stone is a special, natural material. A wide variety of different machines, and even CAD programs optimized for these tasks are available.