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Дерево - Отраслевые решения

Дерево - Отраслевые решения

Competition is tough and a great deal is expected of future-oriented woodworking machinery. It is extremely important that solutions meet the following requirements:

  • Optimum configuration of the machines to the individual specifications of the customer
  • Integration of the customer's own technical expertise
  • Maximizing the economic efficiency by minimizing the use of resources
  • Faster time to market.

The attainment of these goals calls for solutions that are flexible, expandable and complete.

Totally Integrated Automation

Complete automation solutions require a carefully coordinated selection of system components to cover the whole function range. Only in this way is it possible to obtain system solutions that extend from the management, control and drive levels to the actuator and sensor levels with consistent system responsibility.

Modular engineering permits flexible adaptability to the size of the task in hand. And, with the growing trend towards distributed solutions, bus capability of the individual components is growing in importance. A prominent role is played here by the drivers that supply the mechanical power, the operator controls that provide the human-machine interfaces and, last but not least, the integrated bus systems.

Complete automation solutions from Siemens - Wood machining with multi-faceted functions

As a provider of complete systems, we offer components that we have developed and manufactured ourselves. The technical advantages to be gained from this need no explanation. Product variety and modular systems ensure optimal adaptation to every machine configuration.

From board manufacture to exclusive designer furniture

Our comprehensive range of equipment permits the configuring of system solutions for all applications in the woodworking industry:

  • Saw mills with timber yards and chipping machine ranges
  • Wood material presses
  • Furniture interior finishing shops with all machines and equipment for stationary or continuous processing of board materials
  • Machining centers for the manufacture of staircases, designer furniture, musical instruments
  • Machining centers for the manufacture of doors, windows
  • and many other products...

With complete automation solutions from Siemens your wood processing operations are on the way to success.