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Многоинструментальный сверлильный автомат - Дерево

Многоинструментальный сверлильный автомат - Дерево

Modular automation concept for multiple drilling machines

Only one thing counts with woodworking machines: productivity. In the case of multiple drilling machines that means maximum production per unit of time with fast changeover from one order to the next and, of course, high machine availability. This can only be achieved with high scan rates on the control system and high-speed precision drives.

This is exactly where our new building block system comes into its own. The range includes the tried-and-tested control components of the SIMATIC family and the new drive family SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES MC, and everything is under the same roof thanks to Totally Integrated Automation.

Distributed intelligence for motion control tasks

The move of technology functions onto intelligent SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES MC drives is fully in line with the trend of the future: away from complex centralized solutions towards distributed control and drive concepts.

The SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES MC family of digital servo converters presents itself as a modular drive system with facilities for AC and DC connection. And the new SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES MC range "Compact Plus" rounds off the spectrum even more compactly for outputs of 0.5 to 4 kW at the lower end of the output range.

Three to six module slots allow flexible I/O connection. This includes, for example, position encoders, such as resolvers and incremental and absolute value encoders, and bus systems such as PROFIBUS-DP.

Multi-function drive technology

SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES MC offers you far more than "just" a drive. In addition to the basic functions of speed and current control, position control is now also integrated. And that includes full functionality for axis positioning! Here, the axes can be operated in the Setup, Reference Point Approach, MDI Single Block and Automatic modes.

Perfect axis coupling with SIMOLINK

The new SIMOLINK plays a central role in the entire automation concept for multiple drilling machines. As the fiber-optic drive connection, it is responsible for time-critical and time-equidistant data transmission between the individual drives. This enables you to solve several functions simply and cost-effectively. Namely, the simultaneous start of drilling units, axis coordination of drilling units and arms and the associated collision monitoring.

Control with SIMATIC S7

With its large memory, high processing performance and integrated bus interface, the SIMATIC S7-400 PLC is the ideal control center for this application. An operator panel or PC can be used for operator control and monitoring; both can be operated on the PROFIBUS-DP or MPI interface.

PROFIBUS-DP is the ideal high-performance system bus. It is used both for distributed I/Os like the ET 200 and for communication with SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES MC drives. All of the components are configured, programmed, visualized, actuated and diagnosed on the PROFIBUS-DP bus.

Vertical software integration

Common software tools for SIMATIC, process technology and drives ensure fast familiarization. Substantial cost savings can also be achieved in configuring, start-up and servicing.

Vertical integration not only describes the standard look and feed of the tools under Windows 95, but also means a shared database for all three areas. You can archive technology and drive parameters on the SIMATIC system and - if you need to replace a module - download the parameters automatically over the PROFIBUS-DP bus. High system transparency right down to intelligent drive level is also provided by the diagnostic concept of SIMATIC via PROFIBUS-DP.


  • SIMATIC S7 and SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES MC in a unified system
  • Fiber optic technology for a high-speed drive bus

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