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Деревообрабатывающие центры - Дерево

Деревообрабатывающие центры - Дерево

Efficient CNC programming for wood machining centers – TwinCAM II integrated in SINUMERIK

Whether you manufacture furniture or specialize in interior finishing, a great deal of time is taken up by production planning. If individual customer requirements are to be met cost-effectively, this planning time must be reduced to a minimum. Since there is a growing trend to smaller batch sizes, problems arise here that can have serious consequences. These include appreciably slower response times, longer delivery times and a drastic increase in costs.

With small batch sizes, production planning (the programming phase) can become a bottleneck. It is important that a wooden part can be programmed at the snap of a finger.

A powerful trio: Machine + SINUMERIK + TwinCAM II

With TwinCAM II you can now program simple and complex parts in the engineering office or in the workshop - with the same software. Reliable programming hardware is also installed in the workshop.

The outstanding plus points are drastic cost reductions, shorter delivery times, higher productivity, improved quality and flexibility - and satisfied customers. Thanks to the trio combination you will be able to attain your objectives over the shortest and most convenient route: You will be able to produce small batches down to single items at prices comparable to those that apply to quantity production. The burden of requiring specialized knowledge of numerical control and programming simply disappears. And above all, there is no problem with jumping to from office to workshop programming.

TwinCAM II on the job: Easy to operate and program for everyone

TwinCAM II is ideal for the machining of board-shaped workpieces. Operation is so clear and simple that the joiner working on the machine can recognize typical processing modes immediately and call up the corresponding functions. In addition, simple and variant programming in graphically supported dialog boxes and the definition of complicated milling contours with the aid of integrated wood CAD functions save a lot of time both in the learning and operating process. Your NC programs are ready to run straight away. Hence trial runs and corrections can simply be forgotten.

With all these features TwinCAM II permits highly efficient CNC programming direct at the machine. At the same time it can be used as a fully fledged CAD system identical to that used in production planning. The overall result is consistently profitable production.


The advantages of TWINCAM II include:

  • Modification of programs or part variants direct at the machine with small number of operator actions
  • The same software for office and workshop
  • Easy to use with all programming processes under one roof
  • Functionality for rational series production of complex parts (data management)


Hardware and software requirements:

Office PC

SIMODRIVE 611 digital

  • 486 or higher
  • including MMC module (MMC 103)
  • Windows 3.11 or higher
  • MF II keyboard
  • Floppy drive and/or network card
    (e. g. 3COM)
  • Floppy drive and/or network card
    (e. g. 3COM)
  • TwinCam postprocessor
  • TwinCam postprocessor