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Манипуляторы - Отраслевые решения

Манипуляторы - Отраслевые решения

Handling also requires a secure, economical solution which will not damage your products. Speed and precision are needed in order to achieve this goal. Transport pallets are assembled increasingly by automatic handling systems.

Our solution: The digital handling system

Drives and controls are at the heart of the automation solution. We offer a super-compact, digital handling system with control and drive in one unit - it's called the SINUMERIK 810D. This compact control system is packed with digital technology, including an NC, PLC and 5-axis control system. Three power sections are integrated. The complete system is packaged in a compact housing measuring just 150 mm in width.

If 5 axes are not enough, you can change to the modular SINUMERIK 840D system for up to 31 axes.

A world leader - No longer a drive interface on the SINUMERIK 810D

The CNC controller and the drive control system are implemented as inseparable partners on one board. In plain text that means there is no drive interface on the SINUMERIK 810D. This is made possible by the VLSI (very large scale integration) technology used on the module.

Your introduction to a digital system: Uncomplicated, complete and cost-effective

Simply digital is our slogan. And when we say simple we mean it. Even the operator control and programming features are easy to use. The advantages are immediate. Uniting the drive and control system saves you space, reduces your installation costs and optimizes start-up and diagnostics.

In the automation network of the future: The SIMATIC S7 PLC

The integrated PLC is based completely on world-standard SIMATIC S7 modules. This ensures you, on the one hand, a high level of hardware integration and PLC performance and, on the other, a perfectly balanced automation solution for your handling systems.

Totally Integrated Automation with SIMATIC

All the components in your automation solution are part of a Totally Integrated Automation system. Total integration encompasses:

  • Communication
  • Data management
  • Configuration.

There are plenty of examples. You could use a standard SIMATIC OP operator panel and a handheld programming device (PHG). Or you could choose to implement your human-machine interface with SIMATIC HMI and SIMATIC S7 I/Os. Whatever your solution, all the components speak the same language, because they are all totally integrated.

The spectrum of servo drives is impressive too: You can choose from 1FT6 motors from 0.8 Nm to 140 Nm and the compact, affordable 1FK6 motor with rated speeds from 1500 rpm to 6000 rpm.

The new handheld programming device (PHG) for full user-friendly operation of the SINUMERIK 810D

The highlights of the new PHG handheld programming device include its simple operation; accurate program generation; time-saving and manageable program teach-in; and reliable servicing and diagnostics. The handheld programming device features a wide variety of functions:

MMC (human machine communication) functions

  • Display of states and messages
  • Actual value display
  • Modification of machine and user data
  • Programming (DIN 66025 and high-level language extensions)
  • Teach-in of positions
  • Program debugging and testing

Machine control panel functions

  • Start and stop programs
  • Set user operating mode
  • Manual and incremental traversing
  • Override
  • Reset and acknowledgement