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Motion Control

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      Программа для выбора компонентов привода PFAD Plus
      Программный пакет Drive ES
     Стандартный привод MICROMASTER
     Стандартный привод COMBIMASTER
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Область применения

Преобразователи частоты SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES

Motion Control

The MASTERDRIVES Motion Control (MC) frequency converters are specially designed for industrial servo drive applications.

In addition to the well-proven modular hardware concept, SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Motion Control offers a modular software featuring

  • freely interconnectable function blocks and
  • integrated technology functions.

The MASTERDRIVES Motion Control series is compatible regarding

  • communication
  • technology
  • operator control and visualization

and is available for line voltages of 3-phase 380 V to 480 V AC, 50/60 Hz, and in the following designs, depending on the power rating:

  • Compact PLUS (0.55 kW to 18.5 kW)
  • Compact units (2.2 kW to 37 kW)
  • Chassis units (45 kW to 250 kW).

The MASTERDRIVES Motion Control concept is characterized by:

  • a very high level of dynamic response
  • positioning
  • angular synchronism between drives
  • cam plates.

In thus satisfies the most stringent demands placed on servo technology.

The MASTERDRIVES Motion Control converters are excellently matched to Siemens compact and highly dynamic servomotors.

These synchronous servomotors and asynchronous servomotors are primarily suited for highly dynamic applications.

Corresponding to highly dynamic MC control on the motor side, MASTERDRIVES AFE (Active Front End) using active line-angle-oriented vector control is now available on the line side for optimum energy supply.

MASTERDRIVES AFE is characterized by:

  • absence of system perturbations, i.e. very good overall power factor
  • stall-protected operation even in the event of supply dips and supply failure
  • highly dynamic rectifier and regenerative units
  • reactive-power compensation possible
  • four-quadrant operation.

The program is rounded off by a complete spectrum of system components and accessories.

Customer-specific, integrated solutions (automation - converter - motor) are available for many applications in all industrial sectors.

For MASTERDRIVES, easy-to-use project-planning tools (PATH) and start-up tools (DriveMonitor) are available.

Siemens' world-wide service and sales network enable all our customers and MASTERDRIVES users to obtain direct access to expert advice and project planning as well as training and service.

Customized solutions

The compact and chassis units can be used in air-cooled or water-cooled control cabinets and plant configurations.

Rectifier and regenerative units can also be provided as Active Front End units.

Our sales departments, working with our applications workshops, will help you to find the best solution for your requirements.


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Технические данные

Technical data for converters, inverters, AFE inverters, rectifier units, rectifier/regenerative units and braking units

Cooling types

Forced ventilation with integral fan

Air cooling


Permissible ambient and cooling-medium temperature during operation

0 °C to +40 °C or 0 °C to +45 °C3)

Water cooling 4)

  • Operating pressure

0.8 to 1 bar

  • Cooling water inlet temperature

+5 °C to 30 °C

  • Cooling-water requirement

dependent on enclosure size

  • Particle size

≤ 0.5 mm

  • Permissible ambient temperature during operation

0 °C to + 40 °C2)

Permissible ambient temperature

  • During storage and transport

-25 °C to +70 °C

Installation altitude

≤ 1,000 m above sea level (100 % load capability)
> 1,000 m to 4,000 m above sea level

Humidity rating

Relative humidity ≤ 95 %
Moisture condensation not permissible

Climatic category

Class 3K3 to EN 60 721-3-3

Environmental class

Class 3C2 to EN 60 721-3-3


Pollution degree 2 to DIN VDE 0110-1 (HD 625.1 S1: 1996)
Moisture condensation not permissible

Overvoltage category

Category III to DIN VDE 0110-1 (HD 625.1 S1: 1996)

Overvoltage strength

Class 1 to DIN VDE 0160

Degree of protection

To DIN VDE 0470, Part 1 (EN 60 529) IP00 and IP20

Protection class

Class I to EN 61 140

Shock protection

To DIN VDE 0106 Part 100 and BGV A2 (previously VBG 4)

Radio-interference level

To EMC product standard EN 61 800-3 for variable-speed drives

  • Standard

No radio-interference suppression

  • Options

Class B1 or Class A1 to EN 61 800-3

Additional information

The units are motor-side ground-fault-protected, short-circuit-proof and may be operated under no-load conditions

Paint finish

For indoor installation

Mechanical specifications

To EN 60 068-2-6

For stationary applications:
Constant amplitude

  • of deflection

0.075 mm in the frequency range 10 Hz to 58 Hz

  • of acceleration

9.8 ms-2 (1 x g) in the frequency range > 58 Hz to 500 Hz

During transport:

  • of deflection

3.5 mm in the frequency range 5 Hz to 9 Hz

  • of acceleration

9.8 ms-2 (1 x g) in the frequency range > 9 Hz to 500 Hz



according to UL and CSA

UL file No.

CSA file No.

Converters and inverters

E 145 153

LR 21927, LR 219278-673)

Rectifier units and rectifier/regenerative units1)

E 145 153

LR 21927

Braking units and load resistors

E 145 153

LR 21927

Radio-interference suppression filter5)

E 145 153

LR 21927-67R

Free-wheeling diode on the DC bus1)

E 145 153

LR 21927

Line communicating output reactors (iron)

E 103 902


3NE3 and 3NE8 series fuses are UR



1) UL and CSA only apply in combination with SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES converters or inverters.

2) With derating to 50 °C.

3) For Compact PLUS units.

4) For compact und chassis units.

5) In preparation for radio-interference suppression filter 6SE70...-.EP87-...for Compact PLUS units.

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