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Изолированная распределительная система SENTRIC HP - Системы распределительных устройств

Изолированная распределительная система SENTRIC HP - Системы распределительных устройств

The 8HP insulated distribution system is a modular system for low-voltage sub-distribution cubicles, control panels and power distribution boards.


High-quality materials for the enclosures fulfil all the common demands made of such systems in an ideal way. These include:

  • Protective insulation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Easy to work with
  • Temperature resistance
  • Free of maintenance
  • Flame retardant, self-extinguishing
  • Halogen-free (thus preventing consequential damage resulting from fire).
  • Low weight of components

Protective insulation

All enclosure parts and operating mechanisms are constructed so that they fulfil the conditions of the "total insulation" protective measure according to DIN VDE 0100 Part 410, when they are closed during operation. Enclosure fixings are situated outside the device installation space.

Область применения

It can be installed in all industrial plants, power stations, in large public or private buildings, in public utilities as well as in office buildings and blocks of flats.

The components of the SENTRICHP distribution system meet the requirements of sample-tested switchgear and controlgear assemblies (TTA) according to EN 60439-1/DIN VDE 0660 Part 500. The encapsulation complies with the protective measure "Total insulation" according to DIN VDE 0100.


DIN VDE 0660 Part 500

Specifications for type-tested low-voltage switchgear assemblies (TTA).

DIN VDE 0110

Specifications for the rating of creepage distances and clearances of electrical equipment.

IEC 60439-1

Factory-built switchgear assemblies for low voltage.

DIN VDE 0660 Part 107

Specifications for low-voltage switching devices.

DIN VDE 0100

Specifications for the erection of power installations with rated voltages up to 1000 V.

Statement of conformity

Herewith is stated that the components and distribution boards conform to the safety requirements for low-voltage equipment as laid down in the EEC Directive of February 19, 1973.

Special tests

Fire tests for equipment used in mining are performed by the "Versuchsgrube Tremonia", Dortmund, Germany.

Shock tests for equipment used in protective rooms are performed by the "Bundesamt für Zivilschutz", Bad Godesberg, Germany, regulation category RK 1.0/10 to safety level "A“, Certificate of use 036/95.

Earthquake tests are performed by the "IAB", Ottobrunn, Germany. Test for the use in EX-Zone 2 (special versions).

The enclosure is UL certified.

Installation conditions


Climatic conditions according to DIN 50010

Special operating and environmental conditions

Indoor installation

An indoor climate is an atmosphere in rooms that is arranged such that objects are not subjected to the direct influence of an outdoor climate.

If the operating and environmental conditions deviate from the standard conditions according to DIN VDE 0660 Part 500, Point 6.1, for "Special operating and environmental conditions" according to Point 6.2, suitable measures for protecting and maintaining the ability to operate for the switchgear and controlgear assembly must be implemented (mechanical protection, ventilation, internal heating, breathers, etc.).

No additional measures are required.

Outdoor room installation

An outdoor room climate is an atmosphere in rooms that is arranged such that objects are protected against direct sunlight and rainfall and from the wind where applicable, but which are otherwise subjected to an outdoor climate.

Measures: e.g. protected installation or protective roof, if necessary with additional walls and door (protective cabinet).

Outdoor installation

An outdoor climate is the climate that objects are subjected to outdoors.

Only permissible in combination with measures described for outdoor room installation.

Conversion from Pg screwed gland to metric

In the SENTRIC HP molded plastic distribution system, a new possibility for using metric screwed glands has been investigated. The result of this test confirmed that the Pg openings listed in the table below are also suitable for the use of metric screwed glands. Metric screwed glands with lock nuts were used. Appropriate sealing washers were used to ensure the IP65 degree of protection.

The values for the conversions from Pg to metric that were tested are given in the table below.


Hole diameter

Metric thread


20.4 mm



22.5 mm



28.3 mm



37 mm



47 mm



54 mm



59.3 mm



The distribution system consists of 5 enclosure sizes with a basic dimension of 307 mm.

The enclosures have removable knockouts for flange openings and cable entries. They can be used for distributed as well as for single installation.

Non-transparent or transparent covers are available (size 2.5 only transparent).

The covers are fitted with quick-release locks which requires a tool for opening. They also can be equipped with locks for manual operation as well as with screwed locks.

The mounting depth of the casing is 147 mm. For enclosure size 2 additional covers are available for mounting depth 212 mm; for enclosure size 2.5 a transparent cover is available for mounting depth 185 mm.

The mounting depth of enclosure sizes 3 and 4 can be extended by means of an intermediate frame. Several frames can be used. Each frame increases the mounting depth by 92.5 mm.

Installation conditions for different climatic conditions "Field of application – installation conditions“. Appropriate measures are to be taken (e.g. ventilation, indoor heating) for installation in rooms with high air humidity and heavily varying temperatures in order to exclude generation of harmful condensation water. Breathers must be installed when temperatures vary to a great extent.

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